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Bio - Marc van Woudenberg

I'm an editorial and commercial photographer, based in Zeist, the Netherlands.

A 'Jack of all trades', never limiting myself by being a master of one. Blend and mend, I say, life is never an either-or proposition. At the heart of it you'll find a love for the visual aesthetic and storytelling.

Photography should tell you that story straight up, or at least leave room for or inspire with wonder. I'd love to sjoot your story. Your event, your moment in the sun, your passion, work or products.


My work focuses on capturing decisive moments, whether it's intimate portraiture, lifestyle imagery, embraced by the light.

Lighting is my mistress, so to speak, both the ambient and in-studio kinds. I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital instruments, and I apply either according to the needs and feel of the project.


  • 20 years in the creative media industry
  • 25+ years of film and digital photography & video
  • 10 years of professional photography
  • 13 years entrepreneurship
  • 8 years of international ambassadorship, mobility consultancy
  • A whole life of capturing & telling stories


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